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The Auction: Fun, Photos & Facts

15 Oct

Our Jody Needs Lungs benefit auction is over and what a day it was!  We couldn’t be at the event since Jody was just transferring out of the ICU, but we heard from people that it was a great time!  Below is Jamie, our friend and auction planner (standing 10th in from the right), along with her the team of volunteers who made this day possible.  If you were one of those volunteers and are reading this post… thank YOU!  You helped to make this day run smoothly and successfully and we appreciate that you were willing to give up your precious time on our behalf.

JNL Auction Volunteers

Since we couldn’t be at the auction, John Martin of John Martin Photography, kindly volunteered to photograph the event for us.  It was great to know we could count on him to be our ‘eyes’ at the event.  We loved seeing the pictures he took and thought we’d share them with you.  Rather than going into details about the event, we’ll let the pictures do all the talking.  To view the online gallery, click below.  Thanks again John, for giving us this gift.

Link to auction photos by John Martin Photography

When planning this event we decided on having a photo booth since they are all the rage right now.  Jamie came up with a fun way to combine photo booth silliness with encouragement for Jody by asking attenders to write supportive messages on a chalk board frame when they had their pictures taken.  Robert Buzzard of Robert Buzzard Photography willingly agreed to help us out with this activity and he has provided the link below for you to see the fun for yourselves.  Thank you Robert for supporting us by donating this activity at the auction, Jody was encouraged by all the messages.

Link to photo booth photos by Robert Buzzard Photography

Password: Jody_DSC0134

About a month before Jody’s transplant he and I created a short video that could be shared at the auction.  While it’s far from perfect we were proud of how it came out and thought we’d share it with you.  This video was shown just before the live auction began.  We hope it creates awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, a disease which frustratingly, few people know much about, and one that is near and dear to our hearts (you might not be able to view this video from email, but will probably need to go to the blog site itself).

Here is part of a letter that was read for us at the auction and seemed fitting to share:

“The day after Jody was told of his need for a transplant, a transplant social worker met with us to discuss fundraising. We sat there dumbfounded that #1, it was time for him to get a transplant, and #2, that this woman was suggesting a fundraising goal of $100,000!!! We were told the first year post transplant is estimated to cost $70,000 alone. Although we are so very grateful for our insurance to help with these costs, the out-of-pocket expenses seemed overwhelming and impossible to face.”

“When our friends got word of this news they quickly took the burden of fundraising off our shoulders. Brainstorming began, a logo was designed, a website was created, word spread and fundraisers started. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and the money that was raised even before transplant occurred. We felt relieved to know that we were well on our way to being financially prepared for Jody to receive the call for his new lungs.”

Having said that, thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who had a part in making our benefit auction a success.  Whether it was in planning, prepping, getting or giving donations, picking up items, sharing the event, volunteering on the day of the event, purchasing items at the auction, YOU MADE IT POSSIBLE!!!  Together you added $13, 078 to our transplant fund!  This figure does not even include the money raised from selling t-shirts at the auction, which we hear were a big hit (on a side note, we have a few shirts left if you are interested in purchasing one leave a comment).  We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of this event.

Now that the auction is over, we want to tell you again how much it means to us to have your emotional, practical, prayer, and financial support.  Already, this transplant has been expensive (food, outrageous parking fees, fees for use of the room TV, purchasing medical equipment for home, missed work, etc). and we haven’t even left the hospital yet.  Your financial support has given us so much peace of mind as we face these costs as well as the hospital bill and medication and doctors expenses throughout this first year post-transplant.  From the bottom of our ‘healthy’ lungs, THANK YOU for your support!

*When life settles down a bit I intend to create a photo book as a keepsake of the auction.  If you have any photos to share with us, please email them to tiffany@supportjody.com.  You can also leave any comments or funny stories you have about the day here on the blog so they can included in our photo book.  Help us remember the auction through those of you who experienced it firsthand.*

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